Professional Development Program in Strategic Thinking,Innovation,Implementation & Execution

New Approach in terms of Strategic Thinking, Execution & Analysing Performance

(A 21st Century Approach to Business Strategy) Changing World, Changing Strategies
3 Months Program(12 Weeks Program) Sunday

Program Fee- INR 40,000 for Indian Students or USD 700 for International Students

3 months / Live & Interactive / Weekend classes

Pedagogy:- This Program prepares you to think strategically in an age when companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have become more valuable (in market cap terms) than companies like Exxon. Today, business value and competitive advantage arise more often from consumer perceptions of what is “cool” than from physical assets or economies of scale. In this course — the first of a three-course specialization tailored specifically for the age of creativity and innovation — you will gear up for the challenges of strategy formulation and implementation in a 21st century business.

What is strategy? And why do we care about it? Strategy can mean a lot of things. In this module, you’ll encounter examples of strategy in action that demonstrate what people mean when they talk about strategy. After completion of the module, you’ll be able to: Describe examples of strategy in action; Recognize “strategic situations”; Explain the difference between strategy as “position” and strategy as “capability” (and why that matters).

Topics to be Covered
A)What is strategy? And why do we care about it?

B)Strategy Implementation

C)Advance Business Strategy

D)Strategy Formulation

E)Executing Idea into a Scalable Opportunity

F) Translating Strategy Into Goals and Metrics

G)Translating Strategy Into Goals and Metrics

H)Managing Resistance and Other Implementation Risks

I) Leveraging Organizational Culture

J) Power and Informal Networks

K)Strategy Analysis skills & Speed of Implementation

L) Dynamic Strategy M)International Strategy

N)Stakeholder Strategy

O)Growth through Scaling

P)Growth through Entry

Q)Growth through Acquisition

R)Growth through Innovation