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Management education is critical for building the capabilities that companies and other organisations need in order to adapt to changes in their environment. Just as digital is disrupting other aspects of business and society, so too it is impacting executive development. While the case for high-quality, in-person education for top executives remains strong, at BlueSavy we are also embracing the exciting new possibilities created by digital.

Online programmes give busy executives – for whom time commitment and rigid scheduling are a continual challenge – the flexibility to learn on their own schedule. Furthermore, organisations can benefit from the scale and speed of online education to give their employees the critical knowledge needed to formulate new strategies and execute on organisational transformation.
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Design Thinking for Innovation

Design thinking is not only about process and tools, it is about people as well: about you as a design thinker and about the people you want to create value for and with.



Entrepreneurship is a science, an art & infact a mix of both. Learn every thing you need to Know in order to converting an Idea to a Business Plan to a Highly Successful Venture with Proven methodologies from USA’s Silicon Valley Largest & most Successful Ventures.

Startup Ecosystem
Digital Marketing
Internet Science
Leadership & Strategy
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Business Adminstration & Managerial Economics

New Approach in terms of knowing and doing. No matter what industry you work in or where you are in your career, a basic understanding of financial, marketing and decision-making principles and other management fundamentals will help you achieve your professional goals – be it getting promoted in your current job, getting ready for a MBA program, or starting your own company.


Professional Development Program in Web & Digital Marketing

Master strategic marketing concepts and tools to address brand communication in a digital world. you will have a richer understanding of the foundations of the new digital marketing landscape and acquire a new set of stories, concepts, and tools to help you digitally create, distribute, promote and price products and services.

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. In the past decade, machine learning has given us self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, effective web search, and a vastly improved understanding of the human genome. Machine learning is so pervasive today that you probably use it dozens of times a day without knowing it. Many researchers also think it is the best way to make progress towards human-level AI.


Strategic Thinking,Innovation,Implementation & Execution

New Approach in terms of Strategic Thinking, Execution & Analysing Performance (A 21st Century Approach to Business Strategy) Changing World, Changing Strategies
This program will provide candidates with an analytical and theoretical framework to understand the emerging practices in the world of Digital Marketing. It will cover the what, why and how of major current approaches, including online listening and monitoring, search engine optimization and social media participation

Design Thinking for Innovation
Learning Support

Market Research & Consumer Behaviour

Market Research is a growing and important field that is used in many industries around the world. Given all the data that is collected whether by organizations, industries, social media, governments, etc., it’s important that someone can review and sift through all the noise to provide valuable insights. And that’s where you come in as a market researcher. This Program will scratch the surface and provide you a foundational understanding of this field.This is one of the most in-demand Program in the field of Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior Learning & Advertising.


Business Analytics

Business analytics (BA) refers to the skills, technologies, practices for continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning. Business analytics focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on data and statistical methods. In contrast, business intelligence traditionally focuses on using a consistent set of metrics to both measure past performance and guide business planning, which is also based on data and statistical methods

Market Research,Sales,Insights
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We envision a world where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by accessing the world’s best learning experience.


The primary method of instruction will be through LIVE lectures that will be delivered online via internet to participant desktops/laptops or classrooms. The program will be primarily taught though a combination of lectures, discussions and case analysis.


Every course on BlueSavy is taught by effective Industry Professionals. Courses include recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums. When you complete a course, you’ll receive a sharable electronic Course Certificate.


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